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From Studio to Success: Revolutionize Your B2B Service Awareness with Podcasting

By Ash Murrell / May 30, 2024

In the realm of B2B services, the power of podcasting to elevate brand awareness is a game-changer. With a dedicated studio at your disposal, the possibilities for creating engaging and informative content are endless. Welcome to the world of studio-produced podcasts, where media meets creativity to revolutionize your B2B service visibility. Dive into this piece…

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Stories matter more than you realise.

By Ash Murrell / April 22, 2024

The Power of Story in Branding: Why It Matters More Than You Think In todays fast-paced world of marketing & entrepreneurship, brands are seeking innovative ways to stand out. But amidst the focus on visual elements such as logos, color palettes, and website designs, there’s a fundamental element that often gets overshadowed…. storytelling also known…

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The journey downwards (A lesson for business)

By Ash Murrell / April 11, 2024

Business vs Brand April, 2024. AMP has a podcast studio we built for our clients, because we realised that podcasts are a fantastic outreach platform, combined with the ability to use the clips from there too! At AMP we call this a “tool” for your brand. I will talk more on this, but for now…

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People connect with people

By Ash Murrell / February 10, 2023

You’re doing it wrong, Friday thoughts I’ve been noticing a trend online recently. People are building brands in a strange way. Larger brands (corporate level) are this way because for the most part there’s too many parts that make it who it is. You don’t buy Nike shoes from John Donahoe you buy the swoosh.…

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Artificial Intelligence, creativity & the future of art

By Ash Murrell / December 15, 2022

As technology continues to advance, many people are wondering how artificial intelligence (AI) will affect the creative industry. While some may be concerned that AI could replace human creativity, let’s be real – AI is just a tool that we can use to enhance our work. It’s not going to steal our jobs, at least…

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End of year recap

By Ash Murrell / December 13, 2022

It’s been a busy year this year. From directing live action commercials to CGI Tv spots we’ve been a happy crew of creatives. HUGE shout out to my team, who are badasses and I’m humbled to work with. Can’t wait to see what 2023 holds. Here’s some running thoughts to cap this year. Build a…

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Quiet quitting

By Ash Murrell / October 6, 2022

Quiet quitting, is a term that has been rattled off after a massive section of the worlds workforce. The term alludes to employees, no longer following the beat of the drum. It brings to mind thoughts of people, tired, ambling through the office, ensuring their time isn’t well spent. How many of you feel this…

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By Ash Murrell / October 3, 2022

Its the swift spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever I’m nervous with every post I write, video or record. I feel insecure, and continuously wonder “who am I to [act] like an expert”? The simple fact of the matter is I’m very much a learner still, and a student. I haven’t…

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Parkinsons law

By Ash Murrell / September 29, 2022

“A task will grow in importance based on the time you allot it.”   This ones for dreamers, builders and entrepreneurs.   Story time. AMP visual media started as a place. I wanted to build a studio that was cool, and chill and had Fridays off, and was basically a creatives’ dream. Clients could visit…

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By Ash Murrell / August 30, 2022

This ones for the growing brands. SOPS or as we humans know them – “Ways we get shit done” are an incredible tool to help build out a streamlined system that you can communicate to your clients and your vendors or staff on how to do a specific thing. Have you ever felt your project…

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