Mind Fusion

Sendin' this one to the Stratosphere


This scrappy media mob from some sleepy Ontario town was itching to blow the damn lid off their brand game. They needed a full-blown identity overhaul to match their gritty, badass vibe. These media punks are legit heavy hitters, cranking out broadcast-level genius. But being based in Nowheresville was killing their cool factor. Potential clients took one look at their generic digs and dismissed them as small-town lightweights.

Not on our watch.


Their aesthetic was totally misaligned with the quality of their mind-blowing work. We built an aggressive new brand identity to announce their arrival as disruptive heavyweights - daring visuals that unapologetically declare "We're the real deal creating insane, retina-roasting content." We Crafted an explosive new identity embodying their defiant, uncompromising nature - along with a daring logo and dynamic website that commands attention.

MxF iPad Mockup
Rounded Horizontal Billboard Mock Up
MxF iPhone Mockup
MxF Pickup Truck Mockup
MxF Carton Box Mock Up

Defy Conformity,
Embrace Creativity

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