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Quiet quitting

Quiet quitting, is a term that has been rattled off after a massive section of the worlds workforce.

The term alludes to employees, no longer following the beat of the drum. It brings to mind thoughts of people, tired, ambling through the office, ensuring their time isn’t well spent.

How many of you feel this way? I’d be truly curious.

I think the reality of Covid-19 is dawning on those employees. You see they had some downtime, some readjustment time. That time, has made them acutely aware of how much ACTUALLY needs to be done. They now can see the egregious amount of work that was folded onto them. The fact is, the world was running at such a high pace, and that was simply unsustainable.

You see, they now see that their time wasn’t truly well spent. The worker shortages are showing us this too. People don’t want to work at a company that doesn’t offer more than just a good wage. They want progress, opportunities to make a difference in the world, the company and themselves.

There’s not an employee shortage, there’s a job shortage.

Jobs that embolden. Inspire.

Those new jobs, are curiously different. They don’t follow the old rules. The barriers to entry are more “have you done this before?” than the classic gatekeepers of the past. You see a great awakening occurred during the quieter times, and those people no longer want what we’ve upto now assumed is the norm. From vanlife to bespoke businesses, the new generation understands something everyone should comprehend.

Controlling your time is true wealth and freedom.


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