Its the swift spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever

I’m nervous with every post I write, video or record. I feel insecure, and continuously wonder “who am I to [act] like an expert”? The simple fact of the matter is I’m very much a learner still, and a student. I haven’t spent years building large companies. I haven’t run large teams of creatives and spend most of my time learning processes to help streamline my existing work. This feeling of dread can sometimes sabotage the work I’m creating. Even worse, I end up not posting or archiving the content. You see even though I’ve been a freelancer for 10+ years now, the thoughts of negative perception or “appearing to be a know it all” is something I battle with every post. Being a new comer to the public eye or a veteran is damn hard. We may have airs of people who have it all together, but behind the scenes the battle is real, and we all fight demons of our own.


Grosse Pointe Blank is one of my most adored movies. The scene where Martin Blank (John Cusack) and Debi Newberry (Minnie Driver) are reminiscing and reconnecting is one of the movies prime examples of the directors mastery in conversational comedy. Debi mentions to Martin that he needs a Shakubuku, to help him realign himself in the world. This scene stuck with me, for years I would refer to moments as a Shakubuku moment.

The actual terms meaning is to “break and subdue”,  in reference to the active choice of changing bad beliefs or false teachings.

With this being said I hope everyone experiences a few shakubuku moments in their life

My shakubuku came in the form of this scared point of view, and the realization of what I needed to do, as my agency helps people grow. I need to model, what I’m preaching to them, the things that I know can make a BIG difference in the market and ultimately grow their brand into what they wish it to be.

I need to turn the camera around. And it terrifies me. But it’s the right thing to do, as I am passionate about helping others hit their goals, I’m a sucker for a great hero story. So here’s the admission of an incoming shakubuku – I’m going to be in front of you soon, I need to do a few house keeping things first, but you’ll see my face telling you some tips and tricks, sharing the adventure journey of building an agency after being a freelancer all of my working career.

The work

In wrapping, this is what you’ll be seeing moving forwards. You’ll see me, probably making a lot of mistakes on camera, I’ll be hosting a podcast, and building out some content to help brands succeed, and grow their following so they can continue to build out their dreams. Along the way I have some friends I can’t wait to introduce you to, they’re a big part of this journey and I couldn’t do it without them. Looking forward to the conversations, in the meanwhile, keep your minds open for your next shakubuku.

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