Starting block

The starting block.

As creatives we often get this interesting phenomena, where we really enjoy something but don’t start.

Staring at the project won’t make it work. You have to jump in with both feet and often people get a little cautious before doing this. I’ve found the best remedy is to simply just get going. “Don’t let perfect become the enemy of done” is a phrase that jumps to mind, as I feel this is the true culprit to the work-stopping procrastination.

Yes, you must make your work amazing, badass; and something you’re proud of. Don’t, however, get mired in the chasm of perfection. It’ll take all of your available time and will ultimately yield poorer results. That’s correct. Sometimes quantity is quality. By making your work regularly you’ll refine small parts at a time, vs constantly trying to make huge leaps.

So here’s my starting block. In the near future you’ll see www.ampvisualmedia.com hold all my current work, the original site www.ashmurrell.com will be blitzed very soon, paving the way for my personal work. I’ll talk about the importance of personal work in another post.

Creatives, this is your 2021 reminder to make it happen! Start today, forget about perfect.

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