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Vibrant Cleanliness

So fresh 'n so clean



Mops inc is a predominantly B2B, providing the local community with reliable and professional cleaning services. “MAID” campaign is designed to be memorable, fun and give the viewers a glimpse into the Mops inc business.


A business made for it's employees

Turns out one of our favourite things to do, is developing an awareness using humour, and vibrancy. To further the clients brand of “vibrant cleanliness”, we curated this ad campaign, that would also have supporting imagery to help drive the overall campaign. Cinematic, and high end, clients get a peek at the magic that is Mops inc.


CEO and owner Stephanie loves to see people grow and thrive within the company, the core team in the office shows this in spades.


So when we had the opportunity to make an ad campaign for Mops inc, you know we are ready to bring the vibrant cleanliness.




We wanted to show how much the MOPS Inc philosophy revolved around their staff


Showing janitorial services in a fresh new way

MOPS Inc isn't your usual janitorial company. It's ran by 3 badass women, who are forging a path to build an empire of workers who are well paid, looked after and supported in a variety of different ways. To show this we needed to embody that energy and counter-culture vibe that is so strong within the MOPS Inc DNA.

The pitch was simple, Ash knew exactly how to get the message across, this awareness campaign simply put had to be bold, memorable and fun. Using real employees, the ad holds another layer of veracity, and authenticity that's hard to emulate with actors or models.

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They love cleaning so we don't have to.

Mops inc is an innovative approach to the service industry. With an employee centric mindset, coupled with unparalleled ability to quickly assess and implement systems, Mops inc cleans the floor with it's competitors.