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Stacks – A focus on the process of wills & estates

Life happens when you’re making plans.



Designing the digital experience of the Jeff Murray Law brand.


Multi Discipline.

Stacks is a short commercial designed to comedically show the process that is undertaken by the team at Jeff Murray Law when a client arrives to onboard as wills and estate planner. Stacks begins with introducing the problem (overwhelming amount of paper work and responsibility), then goes onto show the conclusion of the process with a more human gentle authentic approach as an outro.



1 Media day. Multiple deliverables. No problem.


Media day & brand awareness AD.

Our goal is to capture a short form video introducing staff, this will be called “stacks” iternally. Additionally content captured to include: lifestyle stills, themes such as bir thday & capture life at the office.

Using ai to expedite the concept process we built a campaign that would not only run smoothly on the production end, but also be seamless in the pre-production side too.

Play Video
Play Video

Capturing web-only based content alongside keystone media.

To make this project successful we had to ensure everything ran smoothly. We positioned the stylists near the front of the office, allowing everyone to get into hair & makeup prior to being in front of the camera. The office was functioning during this time, so taking up specific sectors was hugely important. Overall the process was streamlined and made possible by the amazing crew, and of course the talented client, who turns out to be a natural on camera.

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