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Sinister Stout

Avid beer drinkers, Alex & Ash discussed the idea of building a beer brand up from scratch. We decided to build a stout beer brand, a dark and mysterious one, with heavy nods to a Lovecraftian vibe.



Playfully macabre, sinister stout allowed for an exploration into a commercialized dark brand.



Product concept, sinister stout, in conjunction with Alex Hildebrand, Ben Claxton & Pete Wood


Built because we could.



The Work.


Created to be craved.

Sinister stout is positioned as dark, brooding brand. Head nods to a variety of bayou-esque notes, the overall brands design was to be velvety and deep. Alex began with a preliminary visual identity, skulls and baroque text adorning the overall styleboard.

Sinister Stout Will Leave You Bewildered, Beguiled, And Bewitched. This Cloudy, Dark Liquid Warms Your Bones With Aromas Of The Louisiana Bayou & Aged Bourbon Barrels. Hand-Crafted By Our Sorcerous Master Brewer, This Ethereal Brew Is Sure To Enchant You.

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We've got to come clean. This product doesn't exist... yet.

Built from the hearts of artists for the minds of connoisseurs.

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