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Pop ups on the bay

Pop-Ups on the Bay is an initiative of the City of Belleville to enhance recreational and economic activity on our waterfront. This initiative has created a hub of interest and creates an opportunity to more fully experience and enjoy Belleville’s waterfront, trails and parks.



Making Pop ups on the bay... POP.


Multi Discipline.

Pop ups on the bay was a project that focused on local shopping, and local vendors in a unique environment. West Zwick’s Park provides visitors with tastes from around world with a diverse range of food experiences including international favourites, traditional sweet and savoury treats and fizzy and frappe beverages. Outdoor gear rentals enable you to experience the view from the water and families can now enjoy mini-putt golf in this amazing green space. Things to buy, things to do and things to eat – all in a waterfront outdoor setting.

They contacted us to build out a fun, social campaign to help them spread the word about their awesome vendors.




Pop ups Main landscape

12 Vendors, 12 Products, 12 brands.... The Tie in.

Pop ups on the bay features 12 unique brands. Each of these brands features different colours and values, so we'd have a hard time trying to unify this. Using a CGI animation of the Pop ups, we tied in each brand, along with a formula applied throughout the brands. Each social media post has a unique audio, but a unifying preocess.

Building out the social campaign like this allowed for us .

Shop Local

Bringing together a great combination of brands with Photography, Videography and CGI!