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Choose Belleville

The choose Belleville campaign focused on rekindling the buyer confidence in the local market, using short, easily identifiable videos & print ad campaigns.



Post-pandemic consumer confidence building through authentic and real videos & photos.

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“Supporting local does not mean shutting out the outside world. It means nurturing businesses in our community which use local resources sustainably, employ local workers and serve primarily local consumers.

Businesses in Belleville are finding creative ways to adapt and modify the way they work. This includes creating a safe space in which to welcome you.” – Choose Belleville site

This project was built to help local brands reconnect with their customers, and build out a fresh look on Belleville as a bright, vibrant town with a variety of industries waiting to be discovered by visitors and residents alike.



The Work.


Restoring consumer confidence, shop local initiative.

Bellevilles local brands offer a variety of services or products, we wanted to show this diverse nature while providing key imagery for the brands to utillise themselves.

Using simple, short videos to rekindle the connection with the local audience.

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Support Local

The global pandemic upended virtually every industry. We found innovative ways to bring together large groups of people without sacrificing safety or overall visual identity.