Bay of Quinte's Premiere Film & Media Studio


Your complete media solution under one roof

AMP Studios is owned by AMP Visual Media & Mind Fusion Visuals. We host small-to-medium-sized commercial productions, digital media & creative projects.

AMP Studios

A fresh, simple take on a complex business

Equipment ready for your production needs

State-of-the-art LED Lighting from Aputure, RED camera, Medium Format camera to diffusion, hazer machine, light controlling equipment ready for your creative vision.

A modern studio built by professionals

iPad-controlled lights and pre-set interview stage make your visit seamless and easy.

Made for production

Large bay door for easy access in the gated secure rear entrance, our team is ready to always provide industry-level service and quality to every client working in the studio. Our Podcast / short-form content studio doubles as a green room, and our main studio has enough space to custom build your set that you need to ensure your project's success.

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Studio Specs

Podcast Studio (sq ft)

150 sq ft

Main Studio (sq ft)

450 sq ft


Ample access


An in-house production crew is ready for you....

Have talent but no gear?
We got you.

Book a studio tour to see the place and meet the crew! Lets make those ideas come to life!