What does AMP do?

AMP is a full service agency that will help craft your brand. With a creative focus on visual identity, we will take your brand to new heights by collaboratively working with various artists.

We believe in the underdog and love to build innovative identifiable brands for our clients.

As we love to say, it's time... to light the fuse

About AMP

AMP was a brainchild of Ash Murrell during a long run on a Spring day. As a commercial photographer and videographer he was privy to working with some large brands and smaller ones. Very quickly he realised one key to success was a unified vision for the companies, a visual strategy to stick to and have a core story that was easy to tell and remember.


Being a huge fan of John Lennons song “Working class hero” Ash started brainstorming with other creatives about helping small to medium sized brands level the playing field when playing up against the big companies. The core ideas were simple: Using the company's brand vision, help them form a simple yet effective creative approach to all photography (from E-commerce to Advertising). This process often was in the hands of several layers of companies and committees and a multitude of creatives ranging from creative directors to graphic artists, to photographers. AMP’s vision was to eliminate the noise, the un-needed excess that had creeped into brand development and visual identity.


AMP is a collective of creative multimedia professionals who love to tell stories. We produce cinematic stills, sweeping videography, and leading-edge brand consultations.  We collaborate with our clients from start to finish, working with and coaching each other until we achieve the project’s true potential.  Our best work comes when we are challenged as our various talents and experiences blend together to solve problems and create new perspectives. 


We want to work with innovators and inventors, industry leaders and disruptors, start-ups, and stand-outs. 


Share your inspiration with us; light the fuse.