Crafting Brands with Creativity & Collaboration

AMP is a full-service agency committed to transforming brands. With a strong focus on visual identity, we collaborate with talented artists to take your brand to new heights.

Our Vision: Empowering the Underdog

We believe in the power of the underdog and thrive on building innovative, identifiable brands for our clients. Our goal is to level the playing field for small and medium-sized brands, helping them compete against industry giants.


The Birth of AMP: Unifying Vision
& Simplifying Branding

AMP was conceived by Ash Murrell during a springtime run. As a commercial photographer and videographer, Ash recognized the key to success: a unified vision, a clear visual strategy, and a memorable core story.

Inspired by John Lennon's "Working Class Hero," Ash collaborated with other creatives to help small and medium-sized brands navigate the challenges of brand development and visual identity. AMP's mission was to eliminate the noise and complexity that often hindered brand growth.

Our Approach: A Collective of Storytellers

At AMP, we are a collective of creative multimedia professionals passionate about storytelling. We excel in producing cinematic stills, captivating videography, and offering leading-edge brand consultations.

Through close collaboration and coaching, we work with our clients from start to finish, ensuring each project reaches its true potential. Our diverse talents and experiences merge to solve problems and offer fresh perspectives, resulting in our best work.


Join Us: Innovators, Industry Leaders, & Standouts

We thrive on partnering with innovators, inventors, industry leaders, disruptors, start-ups, and standout individuals and organizations. Share your inspiration with us and let us ignite the fuse that propels your brand to success.


Ash Murrell

Director, Creative Lead


Brady Rogers

Director of Photography


Treena Hill

Line Producer


Chris "Cookie" Cook



"Don't feed" Phil Barnes


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