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Visual media

Simplifying visual media

Since this is the first blog-post for AMP, it seemed fitting for me to explain my concept, and ideas for your brands visual media needs here.

My name is Ash, I’ve been a commercial photographer for over 5 yrs now. I’ve worked with a lot of different brands, some international, and some smaller. Building your brands visual media is a multi-faceted approach. Traditionally, you reach out to a marketing or advertising company, they take care of the overall visual aesthetic then get you in contact with an artist. The artist then creates creative works for your brand, and then it’s off to the races to share, advertise and use the media you have. Visual media for brands, ranging from cellphone images, to professional creatives work is different than your normal media. There’s a purpose and vision (the John Wick of your brand) that has to be adhered to, everything is created for the specific brand needs, must to be done a certain way.

From fitness to food, a brand understands that the brands story must be within each frame. No use having a punk-rock cheese cake business if your imagery screams elevator jazz. The images for the aforementioned company would be edgy, rough, rebellious in nature. AMP understands this and that’s what AMP does, figuring out what needs to be done to give credence to the brands identity. We help companies build a brand ecosystem that will thrive.

Enter AMP Visual Media

Here’s where AMP comes in. Most brands don’t have a dedicated creative team. It’ll usually fall upon the tech savvy (often the new hire) employee who’s already maxing their days with existing workload. AMP solves this issue by being an off-site, per project all in one media solution. We help you refine your brand if it needs help, or continue the existing brand strategies laid out for you by your [insert favourite marketing / advertising company]. Working collaboratively we discuss and determine your needs, then create the media needed to suit those needs. Multiple artists within AMP allows for us to have a variety of styles. Our simple approach to licensing is also a breath of fresh air, we got tired of the overly complicated mess that is image licensing. Oh! we’re also out of the main hubs, deliberately so. This isn’t due to Covid-19 either. This separation from larger cities gives us the flexibility to be more effective with time and budgets. Simple, effective and above all, easy.

So how does this work in reality?

It all starts with a simple conversation about your brands needs. This can vary, so we just listen and take notes, email is useful to give us a written start to the project. This is the discovery phase. Discovery is fantastic, but without direction all your efforts will be wasted. Brand consultation, can refine your needs, our brand artist will help you focus, and prioritize specific areas, helping your brand choose a specific direction. This is where we get to know your brand and the products it produces.

With discovery and direction, we’ll begin to parse out the information to the artists and producers. The producer will be responsible for the bulk of communications and organizations of the projects. Producers will source models, actors, gear, locations, etc. Some might call them wizards.

The artist now has the reigns. Shotlist and assets in play, they create based on their personal style and the required brand feel to make your product live and breath your brands ethos. After this, it’s off to the edit suite, where your videos or photos become styled to fit your needs, prepped for delivery and placed into a backup.

All in one media solution is pretty encompassing. Designed to suit your needs, AMPs overarching master plan is to make your brand successful.

I’m pumped! How do I get started?

Fire off a contact via the handy form online, it’ll have a bunch of questions to get you started. That easy. Look forward to meeting you and your badass brand.



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